As an outpost of the kingdom of God, we believe we're invited to work for the peace and prosperity of our city. Contact these folks to find out how you might join us.


Terry is deeply connected among artists and arts organizations in town. Want to find places to connect to the arts? Reach out to him.

My parents moved to several different communities when I was growing up and along the way we found personal relationships with Jesus. I’ve been blessed since college in Minnesota to explore how my faith works itself out on the front lines of culture through working in the arts. I moved to Orlando in 1982 with SAK theatre, a company I co-founded. Since then I’ve been able to help start and run various theatre and arts organizations and have been the Director of Arts & Cultural Affairs with Orange County since 2001. My wife and daughter are also involved in the arts. I love bringing people together to harness their creativity and to see people having dynamic experiences that enliven them.


Dana is a culture maker in town, she advocates for beauty and connection is many forms. Want to connect to connect among culture makers? Reach out to her.

Hello! Dana Marie here! I have been really lucky to call The Cross my home church for about 3 1/2 years now. I am quite grateful to have grown up in a family that acknowledged Jesus as our Messiah. Growing up in a larger family probably set the stage for always wanting community around. I like to borrow from often used words, ‘Life is better when we do it together.’ I love to elevate our City and our Culture. We have ripe ground in Orlando for growth. There are REALLY talented people that surround us. We get to push each other to live out the fullness of who God created us to be. It’s not an easy road, but the outcome can be really stunning. I’m quite honored to be surrounded and supported by the people of this church gathering and people doing important things in this City. I am happy to contribute where I can.


Eliza is working in Urban development, she knows the players and hosts conversations. If you want to get plugged into Orlando's Urban planning conversation, she's a great place to start.

When I encountered urban planning in college, I saw how much the design of our cities affects our daily lives, our interactions with neighbors, and our communities’ ability to thrive. Ever since then I have been ‘seeking the prosperity of the city’ (Jer 29:7) by working with colleagues and community organizations to the build cities and neighborhoods that encourage walking, biking, public transportation, environmental sustainability, and face to face interactions with neighbors from all walks of life. I work as an urban planner at Canin Associates and have served on the boards of Bike/Walk Central Florida and the Congress for the New Urbanism, the sustainability task forces for Orange County and Orlando, and the Community Workgroup of the Winter Park Health Foundation. My husband, Matt, and I live in the Mills 50 district and bike to the Cross whenever we can. I’m always happy to talk with fellow citizens about ways to make our city better.