We now have a calendar with all of our upcoming gatherings!


We gather weekly on Sunday mornings around 10a. Our people, the people of God, have been gathering regularly for millenia. The goal has always been to retell the story of God and remember that we’re his, to share the peace of God, and to encourage one another through the good and bad of life. So those are our goals too. If you join us, you can expect a heartfelt retelling of the story, space to worship the God and we usually have lunch together.


We want our kids to learn what it means that they belong to the God who made them and saved them. We have three groups of volunteers who work through curriculum towards that end. The groups are divided by age. The oldest kids (Kindergarten through fifth grade), Preschoolers and toddlers. Our mornings consist of building community through faith and story. The goal of our time on Sundays is to learn to live together with the story of Scripture as our main conversation. Its a gathering with the biggest focus of building a foundation of faith for our next generation of believers.

Neighborhood Dinners

When church is at its best, it becomes like a second family. We may not agree on everything, but we’re committed to love one another and can count on each other to stand with us through good and bad. For many of us the Cross has become like that, the regular “Neighborhood Dinners” are like an extended family meal. It’s an informal potluck where we hear each other’s stories and catch up on any church business. Contact Ben or Carole to figure out how you can get connected to your neighborhood dinner.

Next Events:

Stay tuned for more neighborhood dinners!