The Cross Orlando Core Values_Life

Jesus came to bring the life of God back into the world, outside the garden. The life of God is robust, and does not end and is given freely to his people in the world.

The Cross Orlando Core Values_Story

The scriptures are a story of God's work in the world. It may be easier if they were a text book or a list of doctrines, but God is more interested in being known than understood.

Persecuted Get the Kingdom

Jesus expects that his followers will encounter persecution. Even more, he chose to incarnate among the persecuted. The good news is that the reward awaiting his own, will make any hardship worth it!

The Peacemakers will be called Children of God

The peace that transcends understanding comes with the Reign of God. In Matthew chapter 10 Jesus sends out his followers as emissaries of that reign. We can be beneficiaries and emissaries of that reign experiencing peace in our households and villages.

Pure In Heart Will See God

In Psalm 24 we learn that "pure in heart" means we look only to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for everything. In Luke chapter15 Jesus shares a parable that demonstrates what purity of heart looks like.

Hunger and Thirst

It's a beautiful thing to realize Jesus expects us to desire righteousness, not be righteous.

Meek Inherit the Earth

In the garden of gethsemane Jesus demonstrated meekness. It to courage to choose the cross in the name of meekness. In return Jesus is given the whole earth.

1 Peter 3

When we follow Jesus we will get hardship, but also hope strong enough to endure.

Living Stones

The resurrection of Jesus has turned us into living stones in the temple of God.


Jesus defines reality

American Lent week3

You never need to worry about the significance of your work or the power of your love because you are the image bearers of God